Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Pink room at Ednovean Farm

The atmospheric stonework of the Pink room at Ednovean Farm

An unexpected phone call had me beetling off into Penzance to collect my new pine chest of drawers that I had ordered from the Pine Factory. Always impatient I couldn't believe my luck to get it a good three weeks ahead of schedule. The lady helped me to leaver the big cardboard box (another trip to the recycling/dump) into the back of our battered Landrover and I soon had it unpacked and installed in our Pink room.

I'd already selected the rest of the scheme and the clean lines of the new roman blinds made by for me by Red Rose Textiles in linen and raised cut velvet has given the room room a fresh, sleek, look - complementing the new chic new, Laura Ashley lamp. All that was lacking was the right chest of drawers!

I had already finished the dressing table in Georgian Blue from Dulux's Heritage range............and one days hard labour that saw me paint, rub back with 01 steel wool, lightly distress and hand wax, the chest supplied- I had a chest of drawers to match. The nobs are the original pine at the moment but I may upgrade them to white porcelain.

A moody shot without flash of one of our windows - the sills were made from the original upper floor boards - sanded by me with a belt sander and fitted by my father who was eighty at the time.

I hate to say it - the new radiator cabinet is great.............just a few more hours waxing needed........along withe the pretty wardrobe to finish............perhaps next week!

The dressing table reflected beyond the four poster bed in the wardrobe mirror - the fax fur throw is from Oka

And the richly coloured lampshades from whispering quietly B&Q.

Phew and that is the end of the Pink room decorating burst for Ednovean Farm!!