Monday, 23 March 2009

Love from Olley!

With love from Olley in Cornwall

Olley was a little indiscreet this weekend I fear. We had noticed that he wasn't about as much as usual but put it down to the wonderful weather. "He's gone mousing" we told each other at intervals throughout the day...........imagine my surprise then upon swinging open the door of the Blue room for our newly arrived weekend guests only for Olly to trot briskly out, tail imperiously raised.

The salon sofa in the Blue room, a lucky sales room find at David Lay's, but it took three whole bags of horse hair to restore it before recovering, the upholsterer told me.
The blue room sofa had proved too much of a lure for poor Olley and he must have nodded off unnoticed, in the sunlight on Friday morning. I'm sure he was planning to watch the world through the french doors in his supervisory capacity before overcome by the need for a small nap. Apologising profusely I wielded the hoover and cursed my lack of "cat management" but we've got a close Eye on him from now on!

Our departing guests said they would like lots of pictures of Olley as they are owned by his namesake so here they are.
Cue Olley - carrying him is a two handed job!

We waited for dusk before carting Olley down the garden in penance to pose against the sunset - now the script might have read "cue Cat" but Olley hadn't read it so he does look a bit morose or perhaps he's just checking out the prospect of St Micheal's Mount for mice. But Olley does send his love and apologies
This morning we again woke up to brilliant sunshine and as i crept out across the gravel on the way to the village shop in Goldsithney for more porridge supplies i noticed the sun just touching the lovely primroses and daffodils that have naturalised over the years on the side on what was the old farm yard. They looked enchanting this morning in the dappled light, scattered with dew drops - for me a moment of magic in the dawn.
Primroses and Dafodils on the edge of the Courtyard - the Fig Trees will sheild them from the sun later in the summer.