Friday, 27 March 2009

A Garden Fox

A garden fox came to call just outside of our bedroom window

I had a surprise yesterday afternoon when I looked out of my window to see this little chap snuffling out some old cat biscuits I'd thrown out for the birds. If you read Stray Cat Cafe in the February blog you'll already know I'm a sucker for feeding all stay thinks furry and lost - Mr Fox must have been a particularly discreet member of my clientele.

By Quickly calling the long suffering Charles away from the office he managed to get these pictures through the window without disturbing foxy from his business of snooping expertly about the parterre.

We used to keep chickens at Ednovean Farm of course, for their beautiful fresh brown eggs for Breakfast but after daily disasters and mourning sad little piles of feathers We decided it was easier to give the chickens away and keep our well established fox population. The hen house is still an empty lonely reminder now parked beside some vintage apple trees in the back field waiting..........

So here he is about his business

Down the side

Double back


Exit across the terrace

And depart along the side of the hedge!