Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Dining room at Ednovean Farm

The breakfast table with a hand thrown fruit bowl bought when walking from a potter near Carn Euny

Each morning we lay breakfast for out guest in the Dining room at Ednovean farm around our refectory table. I like to decorate the table with seasonal flowers in the morning if possible and of course at the moment there are plenty of daffodils. Not that i could contemplate picking my own of course so I diligently buy them from Morrisons and drive them home passed the blooms in dizzy rotation in the farm lane! In fact today has been a rather good day for indoor blooms and the Sunday papers in the unseasonal (?) icy gusts of driving rain and gales. Still, each morning the mellow wood of our table gives me great pleasure to polish , with it's warm reflective surface, it remains witness to our daily lives, a veteran of many a Breakfast!

The dining room is an irreverent mix of old and new as I think you shouldn't take yourself too seriously and I fell in love with the witty carved cats that stand sentinel to the table, beside our old pine sideboard. They came one at a time a presents - one for my birthday, one for my anniversary and one for Christmas, hand carved in Banu wood or at least I think that's what one of my guest said they were made of...............I've probably got enough now though.

My carved cats in Banu wood

Oscar the smallest cat

A more formal corner