Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Flowers on a window sill

These lovely old variety's of daffodils were a gift from a friend - perfect to display against the ancient stones of Ednovean Farm

Charles took these charming shots this morning of the sun streaming in through our lovely old windows. I often look at them and reflect on how many generations have stood, as I have stood and and watched the sunlight casting shafts of light across the old barn floor. Interestingly, I manged to salvage the wood for the sills from the existing but sadly incomplete original, old floor boards upstairs and spent many hours with a belt sander working on the surface whilst my father who must have been eighty at the time told me to "hurry up Christine" as he could fit them faster than I was working!

I found the holed stone now beside the flowers on the window sill on top of a bank in the old farmyard as I was weeding - it is thought to be an old rick stone, that would have weighted down the rick covers in the old Mowhay (every farm had is Mowhay a sheltered place for storing ricks) and our barn has been refered to in later deeds as the "barn known as the Mowhay" although on the old Perranuthnoe tithe map it was listed as Cot House Town place - which the county records librarian thought might have stemmed from a West Saxon term.

The holed stone that has a new life now indoors after many years hidden in the hedgerow.