Sunday, 12 June 2011

Can we keep it

We had a surprise visitor to our car park this week! Our Austrian guests chugged off in their sensible family car in the morning but in the evening....! "come and look at this" Charles said as this beautiful old Morgan cake in through the gate. Like an exotic bird she only stayed for a couple of days but what a presence she had redolent of another era when motoring was an elegant timely pursuit. or as one Uncle once remarked "He couldn't possibly drive without gloves" Well she was definitely a car for gloves. I found her here at car and classic hire................ sorry i had to take the link out Blogger wasn't happy but it should be easy to Google it!

The beautifuly presented Morgan in our car park at Ednovean Farm - not a speck of dirt to mar the paint work

and where did thes two come from? - we normally don't take pets but they weren't any trouble - I spotted them peeping out of the Apricot room window waiting for their owners to come home the other day - hope they come back!

Hope you've had a good weekend - we've had the extremes here in cornwall - Charles got sunburn yesterday mowing the lawn and lets say my weed and feed was well washed in today!