Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Well this week I.....

The sunset last night from the terrace at Ednovean Farm

It has been such a busy week and i have an overdose of photos to share with you of our visit to the NGS opening of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and a report for the exciting new exhibition at Penlee house featuring the vibrant work of artist Sven Berlin but for now - last nights sunset and I will sort my photos for a post very soon!

I couldn't believe my eyes as i watched a run of the mill sunset suddenly turn into an explosion of colour last night and rushed out with the camera to record the event, with the camera set on Auto as is my wont! Top tip for numpties like me is to focus i.e point the little cross at the sky and then drop the camera down until you cease to see the colours, then retrace until the flame is restored and voila.....of course you could read the instructions and fiddle with the nobs .....!

From the lawn at the front I'm waiting for the sun to st behind the Mount
should be quite soon on it's journey across the seasons

I spotted this huge double rainbow over Perranuthnoe - it seems to have
an end in the village i wonder who is digging!

The storm clouds were clearing as i walked down through the garden to
feed teh brood mares this morning