Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A week of high pressure

sunset over the garden this week

It has been a week of high pressure this week - no not the demanding kind but that certain weather condition that brings balmy day of clear blue skies and temperatures we could only dream of this Summer. I wanted to savour every last moment of each day sitting out in the courtyards or overlooking the lawn to watch each dying moment of the day as the sun set in a fiery ball beyond mounts bay, bringing our common corylines to life in a moment of tropical fantasy. We've worked on the garden in our spare minutes grooming the lawns and tending the borders with  the Italian garden receiving its (hopefully) last cut of the year, as usual, whilst in the courtyards the Geraniums have grown plump and voluptuous. Inspired by the warmth, I moved back into a secluded corner of the garden behind the Italian garden where the Olive trees grow, to reclaim some of the wilderness into a state of slightly tamed "wildness" a distinct difference i feel!

A cobbled corner under the shade of an Olive tree which
is a perfect retreat on a Summers Day

A Slate bench made with one of the left over flooring slabs bought
for our hall many year ago

And at last our stallion Danni is able to travel further afield carrying me past further villages to climb to the top of the ridge with the newly harvested corn fields stretching out beyond us below a perfect powder blue sky with only the sea gulls rousting on the baked red brown earth. ~Swinging towards home our route has taken us passed farm yards, where waiting juggernauts were being loaded with  the newly harvested corn, in clouds of the itchy making dust. And much as i urged Danni to move faster nothing disturbs a Spanish Stallion on his patrol so sneeze it was!

Finally towards the end of the week the mist grew deeper in the morning

Walking across our lawn to feed the brood mares
the end of the Italian garden was almost obscured
by the early morning mist

I love the sparse gravel garden that winds beside the Italian garden -
I think it must be my homage to Tresco!

I've made a full garden album for our facebook page and I think you should be able to view it without logging in by following this link:- The September Garden 

I hope that you enjoy a peek into September as the garden continues its journey through the year!
The path winds away twistng this way and that under
that beautiful blue sky this week

Looking back over the lawn owards oru home you'll notice that the Pampass
grasses are just about to flower and so it is not over yet not for a long
while our gardening year