Sunday, 30 September 2012


Blackberries ripening in the hedgerow in Ednovean lane

Such a glorious sunset last night

Sunset from our terrace again with the pampass grasses
dancing in the breeze

Meet Rolo our Rabbit control operative

Another evening another sunset from our garden
but I never tire of
St Micheal's Mount (sorry!!)

Every night is different over Mounts Bay

Ollie's Bench - so empty now but still catching the final
rays of the sun for the day

A final sunset form the week read on to see why
they are late

Well it was a definite case of whoops-a-daisy as two of the young horses trod on Charles leg (possible assisted by a jet propelled white Cat) and B&B life has been turned upside down. First we took a visit to A&E in Penzance after breakfast of course and three hours later we emerged with Charles leg in plaster and my rather shaky wheel chair driving skills subject to male review (after a rather raleigh turn along one corridor.)
Our next appointment was at the Fracture clinic at Treliske and left just enough time in the morning to get all of the rooms ready for our new guests, before whizzing off along the A30 to Truro.  it was good news. The leg was only cracked part way through, so could be used with care and crutches, so off back to the car.....only I hadn't anticipated that the pavement ramp would not be suitable for wheelchairs or at least my particular technique, near a hospital and so Charles was jettisoned at high speed on the way back to the car....luckily he landed on his feet and I can't think why he refused to go any further with me pushing Ah Hum!
And so our day is taking longer at the moment and the blog is a little late but I hope that you enjoy the sunsets and thank you, yes Charles's leg is mending nicely now and he is starting to get more mobile each day but would prefer not to be in a wheel chair with me driving!