Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Have you met Danilon?


I don't usually put too many horse pictures on this blog but this week one of our guests was a talented photographer and asked for Danni to pose for him and so we scuffed the gravel in the car park up in our own version of in hand dressage. I think he took 170 odd shots and kindly sent us some with permission to use them, so this was our car park the other morning!

Danilon is a Pre Stallion (Pura Raza Espanola or pure race of Spain)

We started with some Spanish Walk a showy high stepping walk

I point with a stick to each foot to ask him to lift them extra high

The finished walk

and polo mint reward

Did i do it right mum!?

and finished with attempts at Piaffe a trot in place

Danni marking time

just finishing

Danni again near our entrance gate - he has to hold himself up and
 trot on the spot

Danilon Spanish Stallion at Ednovean Farm

Somehow the weather hasn't given me too many opportunities to take photos of the garden this week tending to be misty in the morning and then clearing towards the afternoon by which time I'm In the Supermarket/Gardening/or decided to sit down with a cup of tea. But all in all the garden has never looked lusher, with the Agapanthus looking huge and promising for a few days time. And I'm told the jet stream is about to move northwards taking the unsettled weather with it so maybe summer is in the air at last!

Spud started his tenure as only Cat by breaking the beautiful Epergne in the Dining room, Charles was not very pleased it must be said and even Spud looked guilty................