Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ednovean at dusk

I took this photo of Dusk falling over Mounts Bay from
our lawn

Some evenings are special, just watching the day unwind towards nightfall from a comfortable vantage point - the daily rhythms of the sea birds returning to their roost; the swift erratic flight of the house martins catching the last bugs of the day; the sun slowly sinking far to the west of us beyond Mounts Bay. Some evenings we are lucky enough to sit and eat our super watching the sailing boats beating across the water and this week was extra special because we could see the horses winter hay safely baled in the fields below us. Spud of course livened up our soporific scene by diving into the border and coming out with a hapless victim that has to be rescued but generally it is a peaceful time. I walked down through the garden for a last glimpse of the sun, pausing to look at a few flowers along the way..........

Perranuthnoe in the dusk

The last pink rays catch simple daisies

The Day Lillie's develop their very own glow

The racing yachts going about a marker beyond those
precious bales of hay

Young thoroughbred Dolly totally unaware or all of the effort
thta goes into hay making, her glossy black coat
glowing in the dusk

Spud stalked the ost and rail fence to make sure he
didn't miss anything

and finally the long awaited sunset

still watching!

and tomorrow is a new day!!