Sunday, 8 July 2012

Yachts across Mounts Bay

Perranuthnoe's Church tower against the backdrop of
Mounts Bay

I've cropped this one from a larger image that I took form our garden using
 the cameras zoom

As I turn off of the A394 towards Perranuthnoe I always breath a sigh of relief that the obligatory supermarket shop is finished and the special piece of sea that we see each day comes into sight. Today as I drove home I spotted the yachts and luggers of the Mousehole Sea, Salt and Sail festival dancing across Mounts Bay so elegant and beautiful on a perfect blue sea, and so armed with our trusty camera i took a few shots from our garden when I got home. The day has been much better than expected - often the weather forecasters predict "rain for the West Country" meaning Dorset or Somerset and even if they are talking about Cornwall you must remember it is a good hours drive from end to end with many little micro climates in between. My method is to watch the early morning breakfast weather forecast on BBC and watch the satellite animation like a hawk for our area -  We had such a lovely sunset last night that things look good for our guests ...well today we were lucky anyway!

A surprise gorgeous sunset yesterday evening

a sheltered corner of the garden in the dusk

The garden grows more exuberant by the day

The church again with the sailing boats beyond

The view from the Blue room terrace

The moors stood out shraply today beyond the Italian Garden

and so today was a good day!