Sunday, 20 March 2011

Follow the garden

Each day i follow the progress of the daffodils in the garden like an anxious parent monitoring the progress of a school child and each day I'm rewarded as the blooms seem larger and brighter as the days grow longer and warm to the spring.

The lawn mover is back form her yearly service and now assaulting the garden once more with a steady chug and I see has pulled his old walking boots out from under the stairs in preparation for the long mowing season in front of him. The rabbits are continuing with their sterling work in the secluded Italian discreetly mowing the turf to a fine cut - in fact you could quite like them for that alone!

Whilst we are not too busy Danni can practise some dressage in the gravel car park under the Date palms

and for the rest of the horses it's business as usual mowing the fields that's Dolly this morning on our front field with Perranuthnoe in the background.

and finally the daffodils have reached their zenith for this year around our granite memory stone at the very end of the garden - come and stay soon or they will all be gone!