Monday, 18 May 2009

Irises after the rain

Irises under the Olive trees after the rain
Yesterdays squally day of sudden heavy showers and gales, resolved into one of those magical evenings when every rain drop becomes a jewel capturing the light. I wandered into the garden drawn by its warmth and spotted.........the baby rabbit sitting coquettishly beside Annie Henry's sculpture on our lawn, artfully positioned in a sea of daisy's and buttercups. I raced back for the camera but as soon as the little blighter sensed the lens, it was gone, vanished into thin air with a flick of its merry tail.
Undeterred, my attention was next caught by a blackbird jauntily hopping about nearby, its mouth crammed with worms and refocused the camera (ok its automatic but you know what i mean!) The dratted bird immediately fled into the shrubs.........hmm wasn't doing well here - what about the hedge that was static and the light was slanting across the avenue from the entrances to each garden room - got you - something that couldn't run away!

The hedge - due for a trim tomorrow

And then I saw it - there amongst the shadows was the rabbits brother almost invisible in the gloom. ............. a bit of cropping and here he is a rabbit

The Olive trees behind th Italian garden are underplanted with Irises and each bloom was spangled with droplets

I held my breath for as long as possible to capture the blooms but I think we need Charles back on the job tomorrow, still it was worth a try!

Walking back towards the house I tried this shot of the light coming through the self seeded fox gloves - curious how nature always knows best when planting one morning they will be very special with the blue sea behind them

A bet the gale brought some choice flotsam to the Perranuthnoe Beach for the keen Beachcomber but alas not for me it was time for tea!