Friday, 1 May 2009

Arriving at Ednovean

Wilbur peaking around the gate every whisker bristling - happy to be home?

Our entrance

Our entrance is tucked just under the lane to what was an old farmyard that had been cut into the shelter of the hillside over the centuries. Our home named as Cot house town place on an old tithe map - the name thought to originate from the West Saxon language has seen many comings and goings and yesterday a little chap returned to see us after an absence since Easter.

Olley greeting Wilbur

We have many regular visitors and Olley always keeps a discreet eye on the car park often refusing to come in until he is sure that all of his guests are home for the night. I'm not sure if Wilbur is a regular guest or one of the Ednovean family but he returned from an urgent mousing/courting expedition, triumphant, every tabby whisker bristling, to slip seamlessly once again into the shadows of the garden. We normally only see Wilbur from the tail of an eye but today he was pleased to be back and peeked discreetly out from behind the gate to be "received"by Olley our chief reception staff (feline).

The view across the bay yesterday

Across the rooftop of Ednovean with the church just seen in the valley below

Below Ednovean Farm again -The church tower in Perranuthnoe with Mousehole across the bay - try clicking the picture to enlarge it fora better look at Mousehole............I wonder if Wilbur walks to there!