Thursday, 7 May 2009

Our AA inspection

The entrance to Ednovean Farm tucked under the lane

The time had come the Walrus said for the AA inspector to call again. And so he did, completely unexpectedly this afternoon, although we know he will wend his way to our door each year to complete our annual inspection. We had plenty of time this afternoon to wander around the bedrooms and look at our new decoration ventures before settling down for a cup of tea to discuss the house. I hope he enjoyed his visit this year and I think every thing was OK - as he pointed out "five star is the Ritz of B&B standard" so that's a lot to live up to each year!

The lane outside has blossomed still further into life and I couldn't resist the horses gourmet delight the cow parsley - such an enchanting flower in its delicacy, life and movement. I spent some time waiting beside the beautiful ivy climbing up this old granite gatepost that had looked alive in the sunshine but despite sitting in the lane for a good twenty minutes the sun didn't come out again to grace the photo! So that's it without sunshine bu still intriguing I think.

The gorgeous froth of cow parsley that has started to line the Cornish lanes (and very tasty it is too according to Sootty)

An ancient gateway into one of our fields at Ednovean - our field boundaries are thought to date from the Iron age.