Saturday, 23 May 2009

A promise of Summer

The fig trees that line our courtyard

The summer dream comes nearer

The foxgloves in the lower garden - sorry but I'm still waiting for a blue sky behind the Mount!
We parted the curtains to the smallest hint of summer yesterday, that indefinable something that promises that the season is moving to next.

The weather lady predicted a high and the pundits are already warning about the dangers of sunlight and high temperatures but still it would be nice don't you think to be transported across the continent in the comfort of our own home and find a heat wave reminiscent of the Mediterranean on our own doorsteps . But our fig trees have grown more verdant in the early promise of summer, lush with promise with tiny fruits already concealed amongst their foliage that the birds will pluck at just the right time - the dream of summer comes closer.

The early morning view down through the courtyard to the garden this morning