Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Apricot Bathroom, VAT & Cats!

The Apricot room en suite bathroom

Our new tiled "enclosure" in the Apricot bathroom

I think the final effect is serene and spa like

A curious title you may think quite rightly but then the day to day journeys of life tends to be too. Take this morning for instance, the house was in crisis - Olly had run out of his favourite brand of Cat food for which there is no known substitute. An offering of cat meat in the stables had gone a long way towards a temporary solution but with the weekend approaching and the closure of the "Cat food shop" until Monday morning, decisive action was necessary to ensure peace and harmony reined for the rest of the weekend. And so I headed for
Long Rock as soon as it was practical this morning to stock up on Ollies favourite snack. I decided on a larger that usual sack of his favourite Hill's Science Diet as the strain of failing THE CAT was definitely getting to me and I didn't want a repeat of the story sometime soon.......and then it struck me, Ollie's bag of food started life at a hefty price of £28.69 but with VAT this rose to £32.99.

The cat is paying VAT! "Ah cat food is considered a luxury item" explained the chap behind the counter - I could only gasp "Gosh - has anyone told the RSPCA"

So i decided to cheer myself up by driving back through Marazion, an excuse to steal a glance at Marazion marshes, which this morning were being whipped into a messy chop of inky water, with the elegant swans sheltering in the reed bed. From the bridge the sinuous snake of water that always reflects the sky so perfectly, never fails to enchant me as I follow the windswept original A road that runs parallel with the beach. The first sight of the mount is always stolen through a gap in the dunes and today, it was magnificent; staunch; defiant; in an awesome boiling sea. Never had it looked so magnificent to me, before the road slipped into the village proper and the polite negotiation needed to get into the village square, through the single track road. Today a coach was heading towards me, so I thought it politic pull over and pause before creeping up through the village passed the pretty cottages and old manor houses that line the route. As the summer goes on each will vie with the other for the best floral display but today it was the art gallery windows that caught my eye. Turning back off of the A394 toward Perranuthnoe village, the sea spray could be seen thrown high in the air, far beyond Mousehole at the point before I turned once more into Ednovean Lane. Well somebody had to go out for the cat food!

It hasn't been all horses this week at Ednovean Farm - we closed the apricot room for another visit from Mike of Stonwell tiles to re tile behind the bath in Travetine to match the basin. The Slipper bath couldn't come out completely as this would mean turning the water off for three days and so Mike was seen crouching in the bath dexterously applying the tiles to our irregular walls. With the birth of the foal this week, Mike got very few tea breaks to reward his labour as we beetle busily in circles but never-the-less the result is stunning with the Travetine framing the slipper bath in an elegant bath enclosure. The tiles mirroring the soft undulations of the wall but still applied with precision. A combination of respect of the spirit of the old house and fine workmanship - who could ask for more?

Wild, white horse beyond in the bay as lizzie takes her foal for a spin

click the photo to see the sea properly beyond the farm

Wait for me mum!

The wild white sea below the mount seen from Lizzie's field a Ednovean farm