Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Over the archway

A plaque over a garden arch at Ednovean farm
Little detail mean a lot sometimes - like this small plaque that i found for sale in Penzance - a mermaid perhaps frolicking in the weed on the sea bed or a Celtic maiden born of the undergrowth? Who knows but she sits over the door canopy of beautiful old silver scantle slates rescued from our original barn renovation. A little detail half seen half remembered but adding to the whole, to the fabric of my garden and adding to my pleasure each time i walk under it.
Elsewhere on the farm Lizzie has still to foal, now growing still larger she sauntered dreamily out to her field this morning casting sideways glances at the newly emerged cow parsley; the creamy white flowers swaying gently in the breeze along the lane to her field and dancing tantalisingly under her nose. Now that is what she calls a useful detail - a tasty passing feast to be enjoyed for the season and then forgotten until next year, a plaque would give her little pleasure I think!
"Any news" the guest asked at breakfast this morning, well sadly not yet, Lizzie has her date and will not be telling anyone just yet!