Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dried out nicely!

The filly - stable name Annie

Well Lizzie and her new filly foal went out to the field behind the barn yesterday morning. With Lizzie anxiously nickering encouragement to her new daughter and Charles guiding her with one hand around her quarters and one around her chest, it was slow progress for the first walk but we made it. Once loose in the field, the little filly and Lizzie trotted off to explore the new world of "outside" the filly looking remarkably like a Kangaroo on speed with her knees and hocks coming up exaggeratedly high as she gambled beside her mum. After a few minutes and another tummy full of milk though, she curled up to sleep in the sweet clean grass. As you can see she has dried out to a classic, classy foal beige that i think Farrow and Ball would describe as Mouses Back but she has white hairs in her tiny curly tail (just like Danni's) so i think will be following her father to a grey coat.

Today she made a much better job of her escorted walk to the pasture and Charles was much less out of breath! Lizzie was more relaxed about the journey too. The day was too misty for us to risk the camera, with a suspicion of drizzle for most of the day, so perhaps tomorrow when she may be able to wear her natty, new, navy blue foal coat, if the rain that is forecast materialises. All the mares are lining up for most of the day to dreamily admire the new youngster over the gate but Lizzie is keeping her daughter tucked in a corner away from them so it is more a case of "Ooh look there she is, isn't she devine" from the assembled audience with perhaps a suspicion of jealousy...........and Lizzie just love being the centre of attention!