Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mounts Bay at night

St Micheal's Mount was floodlit last night - view from the lawn at Ednovean Farm

Mounts Bay from our courtyard

The village road runs at the bottom of our fields - I once had a horse that didn't like the dark, so he used to sleep under this street light for the night

Yesterday evening fulfilled all of its promises and by the time we went out to check the horses last thing we were enveloped in the warm blanket of the night. We had missed the promised sunset but went out on to the lawn to take one last look at the lights around the Bay and met two of our guest taking a last stroll around the garden in the enchanted dusk. We didn't linger long to leave them to their memories of Ednovean Farm but Charles snapped St Micheal's Mount quickly for me, which was flood lit last night and looked quite magical for a last impression of the day before bedtime.

This morning was a perfectly peaceful "blue" sort of day, calm and tranquil and we hacked up the winding, unmade road that leads out of Perranuthnoe to the little hamlet of Trebarvah. There is always a gorgeous view over the bay from here and the tide was out, with the waves lapping the silky arch of the beach below. As always, I felt immediately seduced by the sea below, stretching towards the horizon but Sooty had other ideas skipping and snorting and shying at passing butterflies as horses do! We did not like to leave Lizzie alone for too long but she shows no more sign of having a foal at the moment, than joining the ladies sowing circle at!

Such a comfortable spot for a cat to catch up with his sleep

Ollie's evening must have gone on for some time longer and aside to trying to pack himself in a car with the luggage bound for Germany after Breakfast, he spent a peaceful day snoozing on a "comfortable" piece of furniture - such is the life of a cat - I quite envy him sometimes.

Only occasionally turning over