Sunday, 24 May 2009

A May evening

The evening light giving the courtyard a little extra magic

Through the front door

More than a taste of summer has been in the air this weekend with clear blue skies and scintillating sunshine for a perfect Bank holiday weekend. We've linger longer than necessary outside unable to relinquish the day and finally as we reluctantly drag our feet inside to stand on the flag stoned hall the mellow light of evening, through the open door, crisply touches our life and gives everyday objects new energy.

Our home the converted barn is alive with new life at the moment, the creeper at the front filled with sparrows nest, concealed deep in the verdant leaf cover and the busy starlings nestling artfully under the eaves.; the regular whirl of their wings counting out their daily routines - rather like us really.............but of course we don't have wings!

Across the valley to St Micheal's Mount from my kitchen window

My attention was caught or should I say riveted by this boat sitting unfamiliarly close to the Mount - was it on the rocks? How strange what was it doing there? My guest got up from the Breakfast table to look as well and we were all agreed "it wasn't right" But much later I read Perran lady's blog and found it to be innocently visiting the Mount....but it caused quite a stir at Breakfast time - the ever changing face of Mounts Bay