Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Little birds and big mares!

Lizzie due today to foal to our stallion Danilon (but nothing has happened yet!)

Lizzie - it surely can't be much longer?

A gentle cheeping has started just under the eaves, by the stable door upstairs as the first young birds have hatched for the spring. Only a gentle tinkling chirping at the moment but it will rise to a crescendo before the sudden silence went the young birds are fledged. and out in the paddock Lizzie is still waiting, expanding by the day, dreaming gently of the stuff that horses dream of, wearing an other worldly expression, as she crops the rich fresh grass.
We have already had several sleepless nights checking her progress and tonight looks no exception, as Lizzie keeps her own counsel about the imminent arrival, blinking politely under the stable lights at being woken up yet again.
And in the garden my mulching of an area of weeds with some discarded horse bedding has had an unexpected effect that intrigued Charles as he mowed the lawn. Its a very fine_____? indeed don't you think. And News of Lizzie tomorrow I hope?!
A very fine crop off ??