Monday, 11 May 2009

Lizzie cam

Lizzie cam - we watch it all night now!

We have her under complete surveillance! (the washed out colour is caused by the infra red camera)

It was a fabulous day of scudding clouds and wild white horse chasing across Mounts bay and a day alas on which Lizzie is still yet to foal. She is looking more promising tonight though with a hint of milk on a back leg.

We finally succumbed to the strain of sleepless nights, as Charles checked her at frequent intervals and a very nice young man fitted an infra red camera above her stable for us, so we can watch her from our bedroom about her private business but we can reach her quickly if she needs us. Perhaps nights with the TV turned on, casting an eerie glow over our bedroom will come to an end very soon. It is not exciting viewing though, she seems to sleep most of the night too, only occasionally changing position from her favourite spot against that left wall to pick at her haynet for a few minutes before going back to sleep - i didn't realise that horses kept so still at night. Come on Lizzie!