Tuesday, 12 May 2009

To Dani and Lizzie a daughter (ah hum filly)

First alert on our monitor and Charles reached the stables with the speed of an Olympic runner

A little help

........and ears just like Dobby

Lizzie up and supervising - she soon washed off the iodine "Modern rubbish!" she almost muttered

A perfect filly for Lizzie

Standing for the first time

Lizzie was so pleased with her new foal

Searching for the first milk

Every one needs someone to lean on

Lizzie nickered quietly to her new daughter in a soft insistent rumble as soon as she realised she had a new arrival. April shouted advice from her stable next door

At last - after a week of delays the trans-continental stork landed at Ednovean farm with a beautiful filly foal for Dani and Lizzie. The super little life that will start her journey with us is gorgeous in every way and needless to say we didn't get too much work done today. Lizzie is a natural mother washing and cleaning her new baby really carefully with particular attention to her umbilical cord and feet and then encouraging her to her feet with tiny nips. Baby foal (as yet nameless) was up and feeding very quickly, before Lizzie administered a determined bottom wash.
Our vet came to check all was well this morning and he was very pleased with her. We left them in their stable today to get to know each other and as i write mother and daughter are curled up together in the straw to rest - it's been a long day for them both........and us zzzzzzzzzzz!