Friday, 2 December 2011

Living in the rainbow

"Some sunshine and some rain" how apt, the roller coaster of weather that made up the day today - I opened the front door and had to go back for the camera so bright and sharp was the sunshine and so clear was Penzance across Mounts Bay - who could resist the sun on St Micheal's Mount!

and not the stone not the garden but the moment that the golden light crept across the lawn that promise of warmth and the reminder that it will soon be the shortest day and then I shall watch for the Daffodils i have planted around the base to spring up. Soon very soon we shall look for the spring but first some sunshine and some rain some warm days and some cold as the countryside gently slumbers and prepares for the cycle of seasons to continue again.

i was on my way to feed the brood mares of course at the bottom of the garden - Diva was not at all sure what that crane was doing this morning and had to be coaxed across to eat her morning Oats - their hay was cut from the field below and has made beautifully ready for the shorter days when the grass doesn't grow.

and just as I finished before Breakfast a beautiful rainbow formed casting a multi coloured hoop over the garden so for a minute we were living in a rainbow.