Saturday, 10 December 2011

I saw in passing

View from the lane down on to the rooftops of Ednovean Farm

Such a joy to wake up to December sunshine this morning across the bay every house and filed lay in sharp relief - unfortunately the camera didn't agree and apart from taking one photo from beside our gate looking down at our home it declared "change batteries" and shut itself down with a resounding and determined click to spend the rest of the day in idle tranquility charging itself up in the Dining room.. By this evening in the brief interlude before darkness fell, in our curiously foreshortened days of the moment, we spotted three ships on the horizon to good to miss - unfortunately by the time I had disturbed our camera from its health spa to do some work and puffed back down the garden only one was left - ah well this was my day, the things I saw in passing.

Feeding the mares i spotted this ship, one of three on the shipping lane this evening, on her journey.