Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A chance encounter

I'm dreaming - Ollie "at home" on the sofa.

I visited our local garden centre again yesterday, the lure of one third off Ollie's favourite cat biscuits being too difficult to resist - and come to think of it, from my photo it looks as though Ollie hasn't done very much resisting either! But I digress - I passed the rows of exisitly perfect Christmas trees, loiterd to admire the door wreath decorated with dried oranges and turned towards the 50% off bulbs in that well ordered progression asigned by Garden Centres, when I heard a beautiful voice, singing quite loudly in fact, i looked around for the sound system and then realised it was the old lady admiring the bulbs - she was singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with every Christmas card I write" in a perfect melodic vooice. I waited for a minute so i didn't disturb her but eventually she turned and saw me "Oh Sorry dear" she said "I was having a bit of a moment - the Lions have been singing in the restaurant for over an hour and I so enjoyed it!" i assured her I would like to sing so well and she smiled and made her way off - an old lady rather plump leaning on her walking stick she disappeared into the Christmas decoration displays of that "perfect Christmas" and I felt sad because I felt it was the only way she had of holding on to Christmas but later driving home in the car i found myself singing - yes you've guessed it "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" in my usual out of tune, way so really she made my day.........and Ollie is tucking into his Cat Biscuits helped these days by Spud.