Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Little memories

One of the locally made terracotta tiles that flank our front door

Isn't it funny the little thing that you buy that become part of your home - take the two little clay tiles that nestle in the Ivy either side of our front door - i bough them in Bread Street in Penzance twenty years ago now from a long gone organic grocer and plant stall in a courtyard. Charles fixed them to our pristine newly re pointed barn and there they have stayed over the years - occasionally i battle the Ivy if i haven't seen them lately and they emerge again the product of a Potters imagination i wish I could remember his or her name but they have been cherished none the less and are just one of those little things that make a home. Sorry no minimalism here!

Danni and Charles in the stable yard soaking Danni's foot

If you are local you may have missed seeing Danni our stallion around the Cornish lanes on his morning route but he has had a poorly foot for a week and so confined to the stable but the poultices are working so he should be out and about again soon - maybe he could wait until it get warmer at the end f the week though!