Monday, 5 December 2011

Cosy by candlelight

Our dining room by candle light

This weekend was not so kind to our house guests celebrating a birthday and the Landrover wheels made a sullen hiss on the road as i raced for the village shop in Goldsithney in that brief interlude between sliding across the front field with the brood mares haylage and mucking out and starting to cook bacon and sausages ( i do have a comprehensive spruce up in between!) For some unknown reason my emergency supply of white bread that i keep for "white bread likers" had vanished under suspicious circumstances around lunch time yesterday Charles but i soon secured a very nice crusty organic replacement and was back in time to light the Dining room candles to make a cosy breakfast room before the guests got up.

Don't forget that Mousehole lights(click for details) switch on on the 17th of December