Friday, 9 December 2011

The fishing boat

A fishing boat passing Perranuthnoe church tower on its way home in the dusk.

I can never resist a sunset if there is a moment between ferrying the horses into the stables and nigh falling the lure of a hint of pink or tonight orange in the sky is usually too hard to resist. So tonight when I popped back into the garden, I was just in time to watch the sea birds going overhead in orderly groups as they always do on their way to roost and this little fishing boat making its way home in the dusk.

i spent some time on the border near the Blue room this afternoon ready for our weekend guests the chilly earth clinging to my gloves and my feet feeling slightly numb as the afternoon wore on but i was rewarded by a hot streaming mug of tea from Charles and we sat on the terrace for a few moment stolen from the Winter to enjoy the garden while I described the newly emerging bulbs that gave me hope of the spring just around the corner. The quiet markers of my day and of the season.

Faded Agapanthus seed heads I'm letting the wind carry the seeds to see where they will settle