Tuesday, 13 December 2011

After the storm

A View across the garden out to sea today

We had a wild night here in Cornwall with gusts of seventy miles an hour as the first of the real winter storms hit us. The weather reports are pretty accurate now and so we had prepared extra stables for our brood mares to come in out of the storm, stacked more of the garden furniture away in the garden room and moved the most vulnerable pots. But still there was a few thing tossed around after the gale. There were some consolations though - As we finished in the stables last night with all of the horses munching contentedly, i heard a Robin's song high in the rafters and there he was back, to shelter for the winter, our winter mascot.


It has been a mixed day of sudden squalls and bright sunshine - Penzance was quite clear across the bay seen from our garden this morning but we are going to have a challenging week - still I've spotted a high approaching on the weather map so it should clear for the weekend!

You could see the waves breaking over the headland even from our garden