Sunday, 4 December 2011

Feeling Christmassy?

Time to start feeling christmassy perhaps...........just a bit? Well as all of the lights are now up in the local villages I thought it was time to make a start towards festive and with guest arriving for the weekend I thought a wreath for the front door would welcome them in and make a start on Christmassy.

So hurtling up Causeway head in Penzance on Friday I spotted this little handmade wreath in on of the florist shops that spill out onto the pavement - the florist suggested keeping the moss damp on the back to help it last for the whole season so lets see how it does!

Sherry and Mince Pies ready for our weekend guests

I always like to offer new guest Tea and saffron buns in the guest sitting room when they arrive but decided in keeping with my Christmassy edict, that Mince Pies were the order of the day from now on. The retro sixties polka dot plate was my mothers and i remember it as a child so it is fun to use it now - alas this weeks guest didn't want any but I've not given up hope that our guest will like them - This weeks? we ate them anyway - yumm!!

And i got the instructions out for the camera and found it does all sorts of things so to leave you retro black and white! Happy shopping and don't forget to sit down with a mince pie and just enjoy the season and all that it means.