Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The bird bath and Spud

I carried the camera out with me this morning ready to see if a buzzard would wheel near the back stables or the horses would scatter passed across the field as i worked but I was enchanted by Spud-the-Cats acrobatic to drink the freshly fallen rainwater from the little bird bath that presides over our "welcome to our garden" little formal garden that is beside the path that our guests take to our front door

Spud treading carefully around the water - the threat of a wet paw, perish the thought, has to be born in mind!

I was originally taking a photo of the Fennel still in flower and the reflection in the rain water when Spud added so much more to my picture as he does to our day now scampering around full of joy and getting underfoot. So that was today after the storm.