Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Christmas rose

I was thrilled as i scurried about, trying to tidy the gravel and the car park for our first Christmas Guests to spot this rose on the climber given to me by my late Father. Believe me it took quite an effort to take this photo as it was on top of the garden rom roof but by balancing on a chair i got the little tinker as it tossed in the lively wind yesterday.

Yesterday was a day of weather passions veering from wind to hail to brilliant sunshine and back in an instant. Our guests set out to walk to marazion along the coastal path and I got as far as my fantasy gravel border in the garden that always reminds me of warm days. The sharp sunshine cast dramatic shadows to an Agave American growing in a pot outside of the garden room and returning to the courtyard the sun was just touching the Parterre, for a while it was so warm - Ednovean Farm at Christmas.