Saturday, 17 December 2011

A winter walk

A view towards Trencrom from Ednovean Farm

In an instant the leaves seem to have disappeared from the trees leaving the bare tracery of branches against dramatic Winter skies. The sudden alchemy of the season always surprises me and each one has its own charm. This morning before breakfast i could not resist the idea of seeing St Micheal's Mount in the Winter Mounts Bay, with the huge arching sky from the top of the farm - well actually I had seen two buzzards on the ground feeding as I walked back along the lane and naturally they flew off at the first sight of the camera even though I crept along behind some teasels - perhaps they thought I would take their good side - so i continued to the top resting field across the tussocky winter grass, that still looks surprisingly good and how fabulous the air smelt, cool and crisp.

Looking down on Mounts Bay

St Micheal's Mount with Penzance behind

The point beyond Mousehole

and back through the gate with the little spinney that has grown up on some mine waste, where the foxes have their earth - shhhhh

passing the muck heap the church below in the valley has its Christmas cross

That fabulous sky

Hay ho it's off to work we go - Charles leading Archie and Amie out to the field

and that was our morning at Ednovean Farm