Monday, 19 December 2011

The Christmas Tree in the Hall

Our Christmas tree for this year at Ednovean Farm

Each year Charles and I wrestle a prickly tree into place in the hall - it is not allowed one step further into the house because of the needles that drop but I suppose i am lucky to get it that far! I studied the trees over the years - agonised for hours over the best one in wet cold farm yards and garden centres and have now hit on the perfect solution for choosing a tree know as the "pot luck" method. It is simple peer at the tightly wrapped trees and choose the one that "speaks" to you - a rather plump one is usually a good bet. Force said tree into the back of the car and attempt to drive lopsidedly home, drag into hall and release from its wrappings and only then will the excitement of know what kind of Christmas it will be will be revealed.

We waited with baited breath to see what Spud would make of it or more to the point what havoc his little paws would wreak but he was the soul of discretion fondling a couple of ornaments gently with his paw before retiring to his bed for the night!

Christmas 2011!

P.S i love this tree so I hope it will be a good one