Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Mist

The mist that made the garden an island alone

The Jubilee weekend gave us and unending variety of weather but with just enough sunshine to make us feel happy. The local villages were decked with bunting and for the vital Perranuthnoe party the sun shone - we were working but met gaily dressed neighbours returning in the afternoon flags still clasped. Tuesday dawned with militant fog and so I decided to buck the trend and see if I could record the eiry shroud that wrapped the garden in a comfortable cocoon and so I set off with faithful Tom Cat Ollie

Ollie diligently plodded along behind me

Droplets of water condensed on the plants

The statue of summer at the end of the Italian garden
 was lost in the mist
The steps outside of the Dining room/kitchen look
down into a sea of green

The climbing Hydrangea has done particularly well this