Sunday, 17 June 2012

A june garden

Our entrance courtyard a little box edged bed filled with
herbs and lavender

The week started quite well with sweet tendrils of sunshine reaching across the lawn in the morning dew but day by day, the storm clouds gathered ,until the full intensity of a summer gale was upon us - a once in fifty years event the weather men said and I for one, certainly hope so. But the garden is more sheltered now that the hedges and palms  have grown up around the perimeter and we could peep out to ships laying off to ride out the storm in Mounts Bay, from relative shelter and mercifully the plants stayed untouched, well, maybe a little scorching here and there but generally still with leaves and petals attached. Ollie Cat took the weather conditions it due consideration and with the wisdom of his advancing years, decided to move back into the house for a day or two as a special concession and with steely resolution he stomped back out again as soon as the weather improved to take up his customary post in the car park, where he likes to welcome guests and watch their coming and goings. Monday, though, was a lovely day and so I took a June sample of pictures then of how things are progressing and also put a June album on our Facebook page click here for the full set.

Now that Roll top bath question for Patti at Abigails Bed and Breakfasts! It is a deep traditional bath with the edges rolled over, carried on little lion like feet - the one in the Blue room is finished underneath in a deep dusky blue or as I said to the chap who asked me what colour I wanted it "The same colour as your overalls"

This is an old photo of the Blue room bathroom's roll top bath but
it shows the little feet
I found the Pine cupboard at auction and after an age of stripping
decided on a paint finish in Farrow and Ball's old white with the
interior in Blue stone

The courtyard rose after a shower

Poppies self seed in the gravel each year all descendants
of a Woolworth's packet of seeds bought in the '70's

Foxgloves in the dappled shade under the fig
 trees in the stable yard

Plants are determined to cling to every surface

Just outside of the kitchen door at the top of the steps is just the place
for the brightest red Geranium I could find to gt the morning off to a
"bright" start

shadows on the warm colour washed walls

The house this year its 21st year as a home

Some parts of the courtyard are pared down and
whilst others well lets just say more is more when it
comes to pots!

Morning shadows on the sweep of lawn that opens from the courtyard

Hunt the brood mare is my morning pastime before breakfast
on good days they are at the bottom of the garden and on
cold days they walk a couple of fields away to their shelter
Trouble is I can never tell what they think the weather is as i
hurry around anxious to cook breakfast. Here they are enjoying
their breakfast - at the bottom of the garden


Dappled shade in the courtyard garden lined with figs - I've just pruned
the lower leaves from the Date palms