Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June lawns and a walk around the garden

Charles thinks he has conquered the lawn now that the daffodils have
finally gone

A parting of the ways to the right the Italian Garden and to the left the
Serpentine walk with its benches to look at the view

The Gunnera that enjoys some of the lane run off that we pipe
under the garden

The Agave is doing well this year as we only had one frost this

An exotic looking border designed by Ian Lowe - he wouldn't approve of
the Oriental poppies that have crept in though!

There is plenty of scope for Charles and his mower and guests to stroll

An area i am developing in the shelter belt looking out
towards the shipping lanes

From the shelter belt looking back across the lawns

The lavender has finally bloomed in the little formal sundial garden under
the bathroom windows

Walking towards the terrace in front of the garden room and blue room -
it will soon be time for the Agapanthus

I can't resist terracotta pots as you know!

The next plan - the battered galvanised (ex) trough - too leaky
to use now is going to find a new use

I took these pictures after our gardening efforts on Monday - I love to look back at the photos on bleak December days and think of those blue blue skies filled with bird song.........but for now one more assault with the strimmer should do it!