Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The first days of June in the garden

Suddenly it's June - lavender is turning colour and the roses are flowering and every plant it vying for space, expanding by the minute, in a bid to conquer the world or a least the garden. Our sheltering hedge of Oleria Davidi has been rather too successful in its bid, until when we sat on the terrace the view of the hedge was terrific with very little else. Action was needed and so today with a neighbour armed with loppers, we set to work and those heaps formed again but by this evening the first section was completed and we basked for a few moments in the sunshine AND a view!

Mounts Bay beyond the rose was blue again today

scudding clouds pored over the sky

Heaps!! but a good job done or at least started!

I'd swear The gravel border has grown more "jungly" overnight!

Roses wild foxgloves vi for positon in the lower
garden and i have to
accept the wild romantic look!