Sunday, 24 June 2012

Flight of the Sparrow

A baby sparrow newly ememerged from its nest yesterday

The big launch into the unknown

Every year the eaves come alive as birds set up nests under the eaves and we watch the busy toing and froing with nest materials and then listen for the first delicate cheeps. As the days pass, the parent birds grow cross and weary bearing grubs and worms to their ever more demanding brood until one day, at that magic moment a baby bird emerges ready to take on the world. Yesterday morning as I idly glanced out of the kitchen window a baby sparrow emerged and sat for a few minutes clinging to the Ivy and then he was gone...

The European monsoon struck again last night and so the day of sunshine today was a bonus for us so a few moments from the hosue and garden - maybe I'm doing the Union Jack thing to death now but I think my cards look jolly anyway!

Lavender in the sunshine today in a little courtyard

My favourite rose against Mounts bay this afternoon

Charles enjoying a well earned cuppa this afternoon

A detail form one of the courtyards

A veiw towards the hills, across the garden, from the terrace

I finally uploaded a card design to vista print and found this plate
in Penzance to offer them on