Saturday, 30 June 2012

Some sunshine, sometimes...

Planing framing a little gravel area bordering the lawn
where i like to offer tea to newly arrived guests

I almost feel guilty putting sunny photos on my blog after looking at the  news reports just recently - true we have had morning when a trail of wet paw prints across the flag stones have finished in a cat but they have often been followed by a sunny afternoon.

Early morning and the garden seemed to float in its own
little word

I've taken some photos today of the planting that frames the little gravel area overlooking the lawn and view, where i like to offer tea to newly arrived guests. Ian Lowe planned the broad border in silver plants for a Mediterranean feel and I have since added a couple of European fan Palms that had outgrown their pots and a lovely guest ( I hope you are reading this to see your special plant in place!)  gave us a Yucka "Spanish Sword" for our twenty first wedding anniversary in May, which was just the plant I wanted to add a full stop to this area. The foxglove is gorgeous and planted itself of course!

I'm afraid i un artistically turned the sun lounger around away
from the sun-in-my-eyes!

Silver grey planting to give the feel of the med - the Yucka
is called Spanish Sword very apt as Danni is a Spanish

Yucka Spanish Sword and my girly "rabbits ears" Sorry don't know their
real name but who could resist those soft downy leaves

With sitting spots firmly in mind and still armed with a camera, I pottered around to the Apricot rooms private courtyard/terrace to inspect my newly planted Geraniums that I found in the freshly reopened
Churchtown Nursery. I've been intrigued by the  art work of their new signage and had meant to stop several times and finally the other afternoon i did. I wasn't disappointed, loving the newly painted soft jade shed, fronted by immaculate plants displayed on chic seed trays leading to a tempting array of green houses beyond but I didn't have time to browse very far that day, as i was en route between Cornwall Farmers and Tesco's, I find if i use  the back lanes it precludes that terror dash back on to the A 30, still I'm sure the landrover will stop there again......very self willed things land rovers!!

My pretty £1.50 Geranium newly planted in a corner
of dappled shade - I asked the builder to set the mirror in
the back wall like a window to brighten and open
up the corner, setting it on the angle to lesson
the risk of bird strike

Steps leading up into the shelter belt

One of my lavender filled beds below the Apricot terrace

In the higher bed I've mixed silver the colours a little
one bed is "Munsted" the other "Hidcote"

and that was my garden adventures for the week always looking for a plant for that special spot. Work started yesterday on taming the Italian Garden hedges - I'm afraid I admitted defeat and Charles found a very nice man with a hedge trimmer photos to follow..... and may be a phone number or should i keep it a secret?!