Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunset rose to Breakfast table

A little up date for our Breakfast table

With this patriotic year of Jubilee's and Olympics, and with Union Flags fluttering just about everywhere, i thought it was time to give our breakfast table a little update the spirit of things as it were! i found this jolly tea pot in Mounts Bay Trading, in Causeway Head Penzance and thought it was just the thing to give a little lift to our morning. Jolly and witty or just plain vulgar? Well I like it for fun - one small drawn back no body has ordered a pot of tea since I bought it so I staged a dry run before the guests arrived for their coffee!

The tea pot design was called "street party" and ratherr resonable
at just over £20

The morning sunshine is streaming in through
 the open door and Charles is waiting expectantly!

Moving on to my second thought for the day as it were, the sunsets have been lovely for the last couple of nights, never more so than looking up through the blooms of our rose surrounded by its heavenly scent in the peace of the courtyard.

The rose is approaching its zenith now and fills the courtyard with its
delicate vintage scent

I loved the arching branch against the dusk

The last moments of the day