Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ollie's great escape

Today's photo was kindly supplied by on of our guests of Ollie finding the
purrfect spot for his mornign ablutions - naughty puss!!

After a week of weather which has been rather like a discontented marriage-  endless and without compromise but relentless in its decline, I was delighted to receive this super picture of our venerable tom cat Ollie attempting to stow away with a departing guest, so i thought you might enjoy it too. It's a bit tom cats rule OK isn't it?! I worry that one day he will stow away in a delivery vehicle and end up going up the M5 because there is one thing that Ollie can't resist and that is an open door - strange really, as the noise levels when he is "motorised" are not for the faint hearted - i always think very carefully before taking him to the vet!

The gales have battered the garden to an extent but the shelter belts did there work and the majority of the wind went overhead and today the fine drizzle was more of a healing balm to the landscape, than a real nuisance. I wonder what the week will bring?