Saturday, 25 July 2009

The coastal path beyond Perranuthnoe Beach

Perranuthnoe Beach with St Micheal's Mount behind

........Maybe i didn't have the camera quite straight!

but Charles took this one:- Trevean Cove followed by Trebarvah joining Perran (uthnoe) Sands at low tide

We treated ourselves today to a walk eastwards from Perranuthnoe, taking the footpath out across the farm through the maize field towards Trebarvah with its idyllic huddle of granite barns clinging to the hillside. We were not expecting a glorious day as the cloud bubbled up behind Penzance but the rhythmic fall of our feet as the footpath slid behind us and the anticipation of an afternoon cocooned within the tempo of the rolling surf was promise enough for us.

Perranuthnoe Beach fell behind us as we looked back along the bay, before we descended to a quiet rocky cove and unexpectedly an afternoon of delightful sunshine with nothing more arduous than attempting to control the Saturday Telegraph in the breeze or deciding when to take a nap, wriggling deeper into the contours of the sand in utter peace and quiet.

With the return of the tide thrusting relentlessly back across the rocks we reluctantly packed for home, idling slowly from the cove to examine the rock pools before at last climbing to rejoin the cliff path.

The heat of the afternoon hung heavily over the farmland and we were happy to pause above a deep zawn to be fanned by a cooling breeze and watch the sea churning wickedly below trapped by the deep granite gully. Suddenly we were joined by and a party of swallows swooping this way and that above the sea for the insects swept into the chasm and carrying this last piece of magic as a momory of the day we turned for home.

a rock pool full of tiny darting fish