Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Ollie's summer evening

Olly has had a wonderful summer down here in Cornwall. He moved out of the house without a backward glance as the long hot days set in and promptly set up home under a Date Palm in the car park. There he could just be glimpsed each day with his tell tale white paws and pink nose slightly protruding from the under planting of grasses. As you can see he has "summered rather well" spending his days with just a quick commute over to the stables to refuel on his favourite cat meat before another short nap or a little socialising with passing guests.
With the change in the weather he has had a rethink and landed with a resounding !plop! in the Dining room after a gargantuan effort to clear the open stable door and said "I may come in for a while"..........and so he has, snoozing on unsuspected patches of carpet in the sudden pools of sunshine before judging finely the best times to go off on cat patrol.

Last night was no exception, in a burst of hot evening sunshine I spotted him lounging on the flight of granite steps outside of the Blue and Apricot room - naturally he marched off with all of the perversity of a cat at the sight of the camera.

.......................So i picked him up and parked him in the correct spot but as they say "you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink" or to put it another way "you can put a cat in pose for a camera but not make him smile!"

Some pictures from early June that I didn't post when the computer was dead!