Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The evening sun

Ollie toasting himself on the warm stones of the car park yesterday evening

Yesterday started disastrously with thick fog blocking out St Micheal's Mount and guest preparing to drive to London or fly to the Isles of Scilly peering out into the gloom. But as the morning drew on the day became lighter until Ednovean farm was bathed in blissfully warm sunshine for the afternoon and evening. Ollie for one wasted no time in setting up his beach towel on the the sun warmed stones of the car park but I chose a sun lounger in front of the garden room.

Walking back through the courtyard towards the stables I met the the pungent scent of the Fennel and lavender in the little herb garden there with the stately Date palms lining the car park the other side of the wall. Ollie cat knows a thing or two about sunbathing!

Shafts of sunlight lit the stables last night with our newest colt foal waiting for his mum April to finish her tea

I wish i could think of the perfect name for the little orange colt at the moment he is nicknamed "Jimeney Cricket" as he bounces through the day.

before settling for his own - probably tea 146 of the day!