Monday, 27 July 2009

A terrace for every bedroom

The Blue room terrace with the sun loungers waiting - I choose the inconspicuous yacht cable for a surround so not to detract from the view (click photo to enlarge)
A view to Perranuthnoe Church from the Blue room

The Pink room terrace sits just below the Blue room terrace sharing the same view but sadly not outside of the bedroom. Notice the high wild moors between us and St Ives on the horizon

And the Apricot room courtyard of course that looks down through a small formal parterre filled with lavender but again I must stress the view is only from the terrace the bedroom is sideways on to the sea and overlooks the main Parterre (Now nearly trimmed!)

There is a terrace for every bedroom at Ednovean Farm. the lucky people in the Blue and the Apricot room walk straight out of their french doors whilst the guests int he Pink room have to stroll down passed the gently bubbling fountain and out through the garden room for their little piece of heaven.
My eye was caught this morning by the yachts scudding across the bay - so much white flotsam travelling before the wind across Mounts Bay as we looked out of the Blue room window. somehow one photo is never enough and while we were "at it" we might as well try some other views too and "Good Grief the box needs cutting" and so we spent the afternoon industriously clipping the hedges that frame the sundial below the apricot room into some form of order but a gentle afternoon none the less.
We were thrilled this morning to receive a visit from a local artist, Maggie Underwood, whom we had first met at a recent garden open day. At the time Maggie asked if she might paint Danni our Spanish Stallion and today she dropped by to show us her work before it was sold. Danni would be flattered don't you think? Phone Maggie on 01736 762704 for animal commissions.