Friday, 31 July 2009

Back to the sundial

The sunken sundial garden

Each little enclosure holds two box balls

From the Apricot room courtyard

Well back to the sundial garden that has finally taken shape after intensive care or clipping into manageable proportions. The little sunken garden in front of the apricot room's private courtyard frames a path towards a sundial that we bought to mark our third wedding anniversary. I have filled the two parterre enclosures beside the house (the back of the Blue room joining the apricot) with lavender but the two under the bank remain a mystery to me - what to do? By nature they are shadier and damper, so the lavender that thrives nearer the house would hate the moister soil, still, there already a selection of ferns have started to colonise them, so perhaps I'll let nature take her course and enjoy the contrast but wouldn't it have been romantic to fill the whole sunken garden with lavender.......the scent on a warm summer evening (sigh)
Ferns have already started to colonise the seaward side of the parterre
We have been working sporadically in the shelter belt too, to form another path running parallel with the sea with a bench perhaps to contemplate the shipping lanes - at the moment it is "work in progress" but i hope that it will ready before our ngs opening in September.
We abandoned the garden this afternoon to take Sootty and Dani out for their daily constitutional around the familiar lanes of West Penwith and today in Goldsithney there was a buzz of activity. Little knots of villagers grouped here and there around a burgeoning collection of bunting, swags of bright red ribbons and huge jolly bows, each house exotically garlanded ready for the Charter Fair tomorrow. The pavement was artfully chalk marked with numbered squares, probably for the mock mayor election tomorrow and the Dias was waiting across the road, suitable garlanded and conveniently positioned between the Crown and the Trevelyan.
Tomorrow the road will be closed to traffic and the street will fill with stalls as the village celebrates, so Sootty and Danny were lucky to visit today - although it proved a little much for Sootty's over active imagination and he briskly retired home, clattering up south road snorting suspiciously, until Goldsithney had receded safely behind him. I hope they have a great day tomorrow - the charter fair was won by right after a "full and frank exchange of views", somewhere in the distant past, between the men of Sithney and the men of Goldsithney........and they hold the glove to prove it!